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Massage Therapy In Pacific Beach, San Diego


“As a massage therapist myself, I am very selective about whom I visit for therapeutic bodywork. Peter’s massage is always detailed, rejuvenating and respectful. I highly recommend him.”C. Aborn / M.T. – U.T.C.

“Peter is the best therapist I ever had. Peter has a very unique touch. Leaving his table I always feel satisfied, refreshed and a complete person”Dong-Phuong Nguyen / O.M.D. / L.Ac

“If you are looking for good deep tissue work, Peter is the man.”
- Eric Edwards / M.T. / Personal Trainer / Paradise Point Resort

“Peter’s care and attention to my body’s needs has assisted me in releasing deep-seated tension. His encouragement and knowledge has educated me in how to support my own healing process. He keeps me inspired with his enthusiasm and with my integration process”M. Kinkade / Professor / San Diego

“As a chiropractor, I achieve optimal results with my patients who receive massage therapy/bodywork from Peter Meade. Peter maximizes his physical and mental energy on clients as well as educating them on their body and well being.”
- Dr. Jim Caballero / San Diego

“I work as an acupuncturist and I’ve experienced countless massage therapists. Of those Peter Meade has a truly gifted sense of touch. He transmits technically sound therapy, but also a strongly soothing, spiritually calming experience. I recommend his massage work without reservation.”Stephanie Schnerder / L.A.c / San Diego

“Like some other reviewers here, I found Peter a few years ago and would not consider having anyone else work on my muscles.  Unlike some of the reviewers here, I’m not  a major athlete — I’m a middle-aged woman who works out hard and sometimes, pays the price with pain.  But I would rather stay strong than give up, and I’m really able to do that because of Peter.  I’ve had tons of massages, ranging from luxury spas to the airport chair, and nothing compares to the pure HEALING that Peter is able to do.  In fact, I used to go to the chiropractor if I threw out my back, but I learned (thank god) that a session with Peter will get me back in alignment, out of pain and without the sometimes violence of an adjustment.  He is not only pure magic while I’m on the table, unlike other therapists he will sit down with you afterwards to discuss the diagnosis and suggest exercises and stretches that will only help you (at no extra charge).  If I ever win the lottery, every day would include a kick-ass workout followed by a massage from Peter.  (And chocolate).  Last word: Make no mistake, there are a lot of practitioners out there who are good massage therapists, but they are not healers.  Peter is unique and has saved me more than once.” - Elizabeth S. / San Diego

“I highly recommend Pete for general, maintenance type bodywork. He is reeeeaaally good at what he does. I also go to him for help getting over injuries….getting through/beyond  the pain associated with these injuries!  I am an active, busy guy who takes care of himself pretty well. I surf a lot and sometimes end up hurting myself . Over the last six or seven years, I have had gone to Pete for help with different injuries. He has helped me with a knee injury, a groin injury, and most recently a shoulder injury.  The first injury he helped me get through was my left knee. I was blow away by how much better I felt just after the first session. He knows what needs to be done to get things moving and feeling better. He definitely “gets it”.   Since my knee  issue, I have gone to him with other pains and he’s always helped me get back where I need to be.  I also go to him for general bodywork, to help loosen up my neck and shoulders and just for an all around “tune-up” from time to time.   He’s a good guy too and genuinely wants you to feel better….which is a rare find in itself.  Go see PETE! ” - Dan W. / La Jolla

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